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VIP Репетитор по Математике на Английском IB Math, A-Level, University СКАЙП

телефон: +79268982693 проверить номер

VIP Репетитор по Математике на Английском IB Math, A-Level and University по SKYPE

Математика на Английском по университетским курсам:

Economics and Accountancy
Statistics for Economists Data Analysis
Engineering Mathematics Mathematics for Science и Engineering
Mathematics (E-Stream and I-Stream)
Mathematics for Signal and System
Mathematics (Electrical Engineering)

И многое другое, связанное с Математикой на Английском.

Также помогаю по Физике, Химии на Английском.

Преподаю по SKYPE.

Подготовлю ребенка к поступлению ( к сдаче тестов по математике по программам 11+, 13+, 16+, GCSE, KS3, SAT, GMAT, IB Math, A-Level и т. п. ) в ведущие зарубежные частные школы, Колледжи и университеты Англии (London, Oxford, Cambridge), США, Германии, Австралии, Швейцарии, Канады, Сингапура, Австрии и пр.

Помогу адаптироваться к дальнейшему обучению за рубежом.

Имею ВСЕ необходимые материалы для подготовки.

Опыт подготовки в Oundle School, Mill Hill School, Abacus College, Concord College, Harrow School, Wellington College, The Rugby School, Sevenoaks School, Bellerbys College, Brighton College и др. а также в London School of Economics, University College London, Oxford University, University of Cambridge, University of Warwick, Durham University и др.

Преподавал в Лондоне.

Программа занятий индивидуальнa для каждого ученика с учётом его целей и
начального уровня.

В полном объеме преподаю курс математики в рамках программ A-Level и International Baccalaureate.

Опыт работы с учащимися из
Alexander Pushkin School
Far Eastern Centre of Continuing Education (International Linguistic School)
Gymnasium № 1404 «Gamma»
International School "Istochnik"
IS of Samara
Kaluga International School
School "President "
'Education through Dialogue' School
Kogalym Secondary School # 8
"Education through Dialogue" School
XXI Century Integration International Secondary School
Anglo-American School of Moscow
European Gymnasium
Krasnoyarsk Gimnazia "Univers" #1
Linguistic School 1531
Lyceum 10 of Perm
Moscow Economic School Presnya campus
Moscow Economic School, Campus Zaitsevo
Saudi Schools in Moscow
Moscow State Gymnasium 1505
Samara Medical Technical Lyceum
Private Lomonosov School Nizhny Novgorod
Specialized English Language School 7
School of Young Politicians Gymnasium 1306
The British International School, Moscow

Преподаю по СКАЙПу.

Skype : vip.math.repetitor


VIBER, WhatsApp: +7 (926) 898-26-93

VIP Репетитор по Математике на Английском IB Math, A-Level, University СКАЙП - Wish you were here...
2017-04-15 11:04:13
автор объявления
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1.VIP SKYPE Maths Teacher (IB, A Level, University)
VIP Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry Tutor via SKYPE

Vladimir MinkoClick to drag this recommendation
Student at Wellington College
The way in which Alexander delivers the material of his subject is
truly unique to other tutors I had during my lifetime. Furthermore,
he helped me to become a confident grade 7 student in HL Mathematics
IB. Even though sometimes he might be a bit pedantic, this helps him
to achieve success in his field. Also, Alexander has a wonderful
sense of humour.
November 6, 2016, Vladimir was Александр's client

Altynay DemeubayevaClick to drag this recommendation
Project Management
Alexander is one of the best professionals in his field who can
deliver core materials and challenging concepts in a very structured
manner. Thanks to his teaching technics I was able to master my math
skills and get good results on my final exam.
November 3, 2016, Altynay was Александр's client

Kirill KlyuyevClick to drag this recommendation
UCL MSC Business Analytics
Wonderful tutor for any level of maths you need, from schooling to
university level.
October 31, 2016, Kirill was Александр's client

Vladyslav KoroviakovskyiClick to drag this recommendation
Student at Northeastern University
Alexander is one of the best tutors and professionals that I have
ever worked with. His classes have a perfect structure and the
methods and explanations he uses makes you understand very abstract
mathematical concepts easily. In my case, Alexander did something
incredible: being a student of the usual Ukrainian school, I was
prepared by Alexander for the exams and was enrolled at the
university in the USA and received the highest grades in Calculus and
Business Statistics.
Besides that, he is a great person with an amazing sense of humour.
I would recommend Alexander to any person that needs or wants to have
a deep knowledge in mathematics and a help in a preparation for the
exams. less
October 14, 2016, Vladyslav was Александр's client

Yuri GridnievClick to drag this recommendation
Creative Director
Alexander is a high quality VIP teacher. He has thorough knowledge
and skills on such subjects of study as Maths, Physics and Chemistry.
He always applies the newest teaching methods. Being my scientific
adviser he helped me bring closer the horizon of my future interests.
Thank the stars that I met this remarkable person and teacher.
March 28, 2016, Yuri worked directly with Александр at VIP
Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry Tutor via SKYPE

Татьяна СапожниковаClick to drag this recommendation
Учитель (гимназия "Троещина")
Alex-Александр- высококачественный, высокоэффективный преподаватель.С
большим опытом работы.Такого уровня преподавателя,пока что, не
встречала, кроме Александра.
October 26, 2015, Татьяна worked directly with Александр at VIP
Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry Tutor via SKYPE

Miras KatenovClick to drag this recommendation
Upstream Production Engineering Intern at ExxonMobil
Alexander was my private mathematics tutor when I was a high school
student studying for International Baccalaureate Diploma. I was able
to improve my skills in mathematics and was overall better prepared
for test taking after a few sessions in the span of a week. My family
saw the results and personally recommended Alexander to my other
friends, whom he was able to help effectively as well. I would
recommend Alexander to every student who not just need help in any
levels of mathematics, but also would like to deepen understanding of
the subject. less
October 25, 2015, Miras was Александр's client

Denys HildinClick to drag this recommendation
Student at New York University
To say that Alexander is a great teacher is to say nothing, but
truth. I have taken classes with him to get ready for IB Math HL
exams and got higher score than I expected. He made me not only to
work hard, but also to enjoy his class. I highly recommend him for
any math course!
September 24, 2015, Denys was Александр's client

Tanya IvanovaClick to drag this recommendation
Research Mathematician at Leverage Research
I took private Maths lessons from Alexandr in the last year of my IB
course and he was brilliant - in fact his lessons allowed me to get
into a Mathematics BSc at UCL!
January 5, 2015, Tanya was Александр's client

Anatolii MokrousovClick to drag this recommendation
Characterization Engineer at Imaging Product Division (Intern) at
Alexader helped me hugely with my Higher Level Mathematics in IB. I
recieved grade 7 for that subject, although my teachers in school
said that I will recieve maximum 5. In my opinion he is the best
tutor in Kiev and as well his methods can be applied to other
subjects. His revision system helped an still helps me to revise for
all of my subjects. On top of everything he helped me with my
attention problems and now I now how to easily switch into working
November 21, 2014, Anatolii was Александр's client

Andrew KolosovClick to drag this recommendation
MSc Financial Economics, University of Oxford
Alexander was instrumental in helping me achieve the grades I did. In
addition to instilling a strong work ethic, he successfully made
complicated concepts digestible and clear. His insights and
explanations helped boost my predicted grade in HL Maths from 5 to 7,
paving the way to my current programme at UCL.
November 16, 2014, Andrew was Александр's client

Nikolai KravetsClick to drag this recommendation
MA Student at KCL
Alexander is certainly one of the best maths tutors to be found in
Kiev. He helped me with my maths A-level course at Harrow School,
which alowed me to secure an A grade, helping me to get into Durham
University. He is very creative as well as a great professional and I
am certain that students of all levels and abilities would find
lessons with him extremely satisfying.
August 29, 2013, Nikolai was Александр's client

Lev GrybovClick to drag this recommendation
Student at Imperial College Business School
There is absolutely no doubt that Alexander is the best tutor that I
have ever met. His outstanding teaching skills helped me to secure A*
in Maths, A* in Further Maths and A in Statistics, and therefore to
meet my LSE offer requirements.
He is a very creative professional and that is why he is able to find
his way to any student. It is crucial that he is able to identify
one's strength. While it is very individual, Alexander can still
develop it even further in order to achieve the highest results.
It is also important that he develops one not only in the field of
Mathematics, but as a human being overall. Alexander's students are
taught to be confident, hardworking and competitive.
No one could ever disagree that his sense of humor is exceptional;
thus his lessons are also entertaining.
Overall, I would like to recommend this tutor to anyone, who seeks
intellectual enrichment and to achieve high results.less
August 15, 2013, Lev was Александр's client

Iryna MarteniukClick to drag this recommendation
Student at The University of Edinburgh
Alexander is a highly trained mathematician, who had kindly agreed to
tutor me during my 2009-2011 school holidays. He had significantly
raised my maths understanding within a short period of time.
Alexander knows the subject thoroughly and his carefully thought-out
lessons can reveal a number of maths secrets as well as a charm of
this science itself. An opportunity to be present on his lessons with
other people had suggested me that he seeks for a special approach to
each individual; that makes tutorials much more productive and
interesting. Alexander has a discipline of excellence and his
enthusiasm does not exhaust until he sees business through (i.e.
student's clear understanding of the topic). He is punctual and
focused. It has been a pleasure to have him as a tutor.less
March 11, 2013, Iryna was Александр's client

Anna GrachevaClick to drag this recommendation
Meeting&Events specialist
December 10, 2012, Anna was Александр's client

Andriy GordiychukClick to drag this recommendation
PhD student at Università degli Studi di Brescia
Alexander is a fantastic tutor who is able to prepare students for
the exams that he advertises.

He is able to explain the material from different perspectives and is
thus capable of finding the right explanation for each student.

His tuitions has helped me to successfully apply to Cambridge.
July 18, 2011, Andriy was Александр's client

Tetiana MyrymskaClick to drag this recommendation
Business Development Executive at Dobrosvit Service
Alexander is a great teacher with a really creative approach and deep
knowledge of the subject. Good results in math are garanteed.
Alexander helped me a lot during International Baccalaureate studies
from 2006-2008.
February 24, 2011, Tetiana was Александр's client

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